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1983 Yamaha Venture Royale
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Hello, and thanks for visiting this site,
 I will try to describe as much as I can on this page however I may have missed something. If you have any questions or need more detailed pictures, feel free to contact me.
This Bike is located in Cridersville, Ohio aprox. 60 mi. North of Dayton off I-75.
I've owned this bike for over a year and has been a daily rider ever since.
 I purchased this from a friend of mine which had owned it for aprox. 5 years. He had bought it from his cousin which bought it new.
This bike is in great running condition. I had the carbs rebuilt last year. Motor is strong and has no oil leaks.
Average Gas Milage: 40 MPG
  Accessories on this bike are: 
  • CASSETTE PLAYER (non working)

This bike is straight and never been wrecked.

Cosmetically this bike looks great. The original paint is glossy, but does have some fine spider marks. There are both minor and major scratches in various places. Also there are some areas of the fairing whiched has stressed cracked and repaired. (this is normal with age on these bikes)

  • Tires are in great condition with no signs of weather checking.
  • Mufflers are in great condition.
  • Chrome accessories are fair condition.
  • Seat is exceptional with no rips or tears.

Eveything on this bike works except for the cassette player. I was told the drive belt gets brittle and breaks.

I am letting the XM Satellite Receiver (Delphi Roady 2) and accessories go with the bike.

Also there are slight exhaust leaks between the pipe connections, I thought about replacing the gasket seals, but tend to like the more throaty sound it now has.

I have several pictures posted on this site which you can view by clicking on the navigation buttons to the upper left of this page.